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Bodolay Packaging at the PackEXPO show in Chicago with two bagging machines that are zipper bag machines

B & M Industries, Inc was established in 1987 in Plant City, Florida as a fabrication and manufacturing company by owner and President, Mostafa Farid. In 1995 Bodolay Packaging Machinery was acquired by B&M Industries. Bodolay Packaging has been manufacturing bagging and packaging machinery for over fifty years, having sold custom packaging equipment worldwide. In 1997, B & M Industries also purchased a product line known as the L-80. Originally designed and developed by Bodolay Packaging, the L-80 is a food packaging machine specifically to package shredded cheese.


In 2011, Bodolay developed two new revolutionary machines that would change the packaging industry, the HI-60 and P61. The HI-60 being a Hybrid system, and the P61 as a totally premade bag operated machine with the fastest manual change over in the industry. 

Responding to changes in the industry demand, Bodolay rolled out the P61S (short-base) in 2022 for the increased demand in low-footprint packaging equipment. This innovative design would produce an efficient output of BPM while remaining cost effective and keeping space in mind. 

To learn more about any of our product lines, please visit our equipment page. Bodolay Packaging Machinery, division of B & M Industries, Inc. continues to design, develop, market and manufacture custom bagger and packaging machinery and ancillary equipment. Any project, bag size or speed. 

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