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A Bodolay pre-made bag machine that fill and seals bags with a multi head scale and stand that sits over the center of the machines filling station.
Bodolay P61 Pre-Made Bag Machine

The Pre-Made P61 automatic bagging machine performs with great reliability compared to many pre-made machines in the market. The P61 uses a chain driven system along with a gripper and pneumatic opening system to for one of the most simple pre-made machines on the market. 

Excellent for products such as bakery products, tobacco, pet supplies, textiles and toileties, the pre-made bag machine remains unmatched in its' ability to to perform while adapting quickly to bag size changes. 

  • Package Style - Bag with top and side welds (depending on product use)

  • Speed -Up to 80 BPM (depending on product) 

  • Package sizes - Can be products within these parameters

    • Non Gusset Maximum Single-up : 12" x 16"​

    • Non Gusset Maximum Two-up : 7" x 16"

    • Gusseted Maximum Single-up : 12" x 13" 

    • Gusseted Maximum Two-up : 7" x 13"

    • Minimum Single-op : 2" x 3"

    • Minimum Two-op : 2" x 3"

  • Feed Systems - Readily accepts products from net weighers, auger & volumetric fillers, pumps & counters. Custom in-feeds are out specialty!

*Please contact for pricing.



  • Infeed Conveyor for Pre-Made Pouches 

  • Suction Pick-Up Pouches 

  • Mechanical Speading of Pouches and Placement into Gripper Chain. 

  • Unique Gripper Chain Spreading 

  • Gusset Opener 

  • Filling Station with Transition Chute 

  • Sealing Station 

  • Servo Driven 

  • Allen Bradley PLC Controls 

  • Stainless Steel & Lexan Guarding with Safety interlocks 

  • Swivel Base Touch Screen with Extended Arm 

  • Bag Discharge Conveyor 

Available Options:

  • Wash Down Option 

  • P-60XL Large Pre-Made Pouch  

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