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The bodolay c - 50 form fill and seal machine with the zipper roller and plastic reem on the back.
Bodolay C - 50/ C - 100
*Please contact for pricing.

This rugged, high-speed automatic form/fill/seal Bodolay packaging machines perform with exceptional speed, precision and reliability. The Models C-50 and C-100 successfully combine functional simplicity, compact size and quick-change characteristics for versatile operation.


Unmatched productivity for bagging a wide variety of products such as automotive supplies, hardware, food & bakery products, electrical components, paper, pet and pharmaceutical products as well as sporting goods, textiles, toys and toiletries. 

  • Package Style - bag with top and side welds ( depending on product use)

  • Speed - C-50/50 BPM C-100/100BPM 

  • Package sizes - Can be products within these parameters

    • C-50 Maximum : 12" x 16"​

    • C-50 Minimum : 2" x 3"

    • C-100 Maximum : 6" x 16" 

    • C-100 Minimum : 2" x 3"

  • Film Rolls - with widths up to 34", diameters up to 14" and cores may be accommodated. Accommodates a variety of film sizes. 

  • Feed Systems - Readily accepts products from net weighers, auger & volumetric fillers, pumps & counters. Custom in-feeds are out specialty!



  • Fast, automatic sealing of bags 

  • High Speed - 50-100 BPM

  • Assured Productivity Quality 

  • Ease of Maintenance 

  • Economical to Operate 

  • Quick Change Over 

  • Servo Driven System 

Available Options:

  • Stand-up pouch applicator 

  • Reclosable Zipper 

  • Header Sealer for Rack Display

  • Electric Eye Registration for Preprinted Film 

  • Automatic Feed System 

  • Hole Punches 

  • Perforated for Easy Opening 

  • Imprinters for Variable Print 

  • Discharge Conveyor 

  • Pressure Sensitive Header Lable 

  • Header Label Applicator 

  • Tear Notch 

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