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Bodolay Packaging's L80 Form Fill and Seal Washdown Machine
Bodolay L-80 F/F/S Washdown Machine
*Please contact for pricing.

The L-80 Horizontal F/F/S Machine with Allen Bradley Controls produces horizontal pouches from 4"x6" to 8"x20 at speeds up to 120 packages per minute on a two-up machine; 4"x 6" to 16" x 20" at speeds of up to 50 packages per minute on a single-up machine. Operating speed is the same for both conventional and zipper bags. 

Pouch configurations include plain pouch, pouch with zipper on long or short side, header card and/or seal, hole punch for rack display, and labeling or printing (foil leaf and non-contact) applied anywehre on the front or back seamless panels. 

The L-80 Features gentle handling of fragile product such as cookies and crackers. Because a forming tube is not necessary, the machine's low drop height reduces damage to fragile product by a factor of 5 or more. The machine automatically adjusts to what is being fed so that unevenly running or intermittent materials will run at their fastest speed. 

Because the machine provides a folded top, the package is more aesthetically pleasing than a cross seal with a cut off. 

Pressure sensitive labels can be applied to the web before the pouch is formed, asuring a more accurate placement than when applied after forming. In addition, full front and back panels without back seam are available for label placement and printing graphics. A two-compartment bag with seal separation can be made, with the bag mouth custom shaped for ease of filling. Very heavy or sticky  web structured materials such as web laminates can be used becuase the material does not travel over sharp edges at the feed tube's shoulder. 

Since no seals are made near the product flow, the filling funnel will not develop hot spots to restrict the flow of product, especially when handling products such as frozen foods or grated cheese. A gas flushing system is optionally available for both the main pouch and zipper areas. 


  • Synchronized to scale or intermittent feeding system. 

  • Product falls only on the bottom fold - never on zipper. 

  • Product can be folded-inserted, mandrel fed or free flow-fed. 

  • Can be manually fed from infeed conveyor or tote boxes. 

  • Mouth is precisely opened from the flat before filling. Returned to flat after. 

  • Final top seal passes through two full machine cycles prior to discharge. 

  • Total filled weight is carried by a supporting conveyor. 

  • L-80 accepts a full range of laminate, foils, polyesters and nylons. 

  • Straight line package forming from side seal, open, fill, close and top seal in a single cycle. 

  • Speed is not affected when applying zipper closure. 

  • Up to 120 filled packages per minute - two packages per cycle. 

  • Package size changes can be made quickly and within minutes. 

  • Servo driven for positive and accurate operation. 

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