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A Bodolay hybrid machine that has a separte form fill and seal area as well as a conveyor that draws pre-made bags into the machine.
Bodolay HI - 60 Hybrid
*Please contact for pricing.

The HI - 60 Hybrid incorporates two of Bodolays operating systems into one. Using the simiplicity of the Pre-Made bag machine, and the standard form/fill/seal, the HI-60 Hybrid is an exceptional machine for those looking maximum change over options. 

The HI - 60 Hybrid uses a chain and gripper system for both pouches and film to be carried through to filling and sealing. This Hybrid system is unique for those looking to package bakery items, textiles, pet supplies, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. 



  • Infeed Conveyor for Pre-Made Pouches 

  • Suction Pick-Up Pouches 

  • Mechanical Speading of Pouches and Placement into Gripper Chain. 

  • Unique Gripper Chain Spreading 

  • Gusset Opener 

  • Filling Station with Transition Chute 

  • Sealing Station 

  • Servo Driven 

  • Allen Bradley PLC Controls 

  • Stainless Steel & Lexan Guarding with Safety interlocks 

  • Swivel Base Touch Screen with Extended Arm 

  • Bag Discharge Conveyor 

Available Options:

  • Wash Down Option 

  • P-60XL Large Pre-Made Pouch  

  • Package Style - Bag with top and side welds (depending on product use)

  • Speed -Up to 80 BPM (depending on product) 

  • Package sizes - Can be products within these parameters

    • Non Gusset Maximum Single-op : 12" x 16"​

    • Non Gusset Maximum Two-op : 7" x 16"

    • Gusseted Maximum Single-op : 12" x 13" 

    • Gusseted Maximum Two-op : 7" x 13"

    • Minimum Single-op : 2" x 3"

    • Minimum Two-op : 2" x 3"

  • Feed Systems - Readily accepts products from net weighers, auger & volumetric fillers, pumps & counters. Custom in-feeds are out specialty!

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